30th September 2011 23:31
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so. hey everyone. this is really just a personal post with loads of bizare feelings from a lifeless and desperate teenager. anyway.

thank you all so much. its been a year. a hell of a year if i may say. when this movie was released i was just blown away (tbh i downloaded cause my stupid country is late at everything) but it just hit me. i knew it would be that movie i’d force my children to watch someday. the acting the directing the score the script the editing its all just so damn perfect.

and then the fandom came along. i was just a loner here on tumblr, i’d reblog the comon-sense funny posts, but the idea of getting to know people was just distant. and yet i slowly got to met people who shared my love for this one particular movie. people who would make me cry and stay awake late at night hiding all my laughs from my parents. 

then award season came. the globes, the sags, SNL (still my favorite night). oscar night. this blog (not saying this blog is like important or whatever, it really was just us having fun, but it still just so emotional to me). and i thought this fandom will actually last. 

it didnt of course. yes most of us still worship this movie and its cast and crew, but that spark from december/january just doesn’t hit anymore.

but im really not here to bash on whatever is left of the now so called “jewnicorn fandom”, im here to thank each and everyone of you for what was one of the best moments of my life.

i made friends, i had a lot of lughs. i found people that i trust my secrets to. some of them are really close friends of mine, and im not one that trust people very often.

i know this is incredibly personal, and it will be rebloged on my personal blog. however, this blog was what made me trully believed i belonged here, and i thought it would be poetical to just post this here.

thanks again, and loads and loads of all my caring to all of you.


19th September 2011 20:54
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Oh my god. I just found your tumblr, and I have been reblogging/laughing endlessly at EVERYTHING OMG. This is actually the best.

oh dear thank you so much. its been a long time since i’ve heard any updates on this blog, so this makes me feel so good.

21st August 2011 15:10
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My B-day present. The Bambi network! Yay!

10th June 2011 22:46
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#the bambi twirl

27th May 2011 20:17
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24th May 2011 16:28
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oh my god this blog is so funny and cute at the same time, your posts made my day<3

thank you so much <3

we’ll try to update it more often now, but it means so much

22nd May 2011 1:35
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12th May 2011 17:57
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1st May 2011 2:57
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15th April 2011 22:19
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